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Quickly Save Notes in iOS using Twitter (Evernote)

What is the fastest way to save a note to Evernote on an iPhone? Like Ishmael I'm always angling to answer this question.

In the past I would email a link using my Evernote email address but I recently found an even faster way for quick notes.

Browsing the excellent Marginal Revolution I found a post that listed some book titles I wanted to save. I tapped and held my finger over the post title until the screen to the left appeared. From there I chose Copy and had the URL copied to my clipboard.

Having copied the URL I pulled down from the top of the screen and tapped on the built-in share on Twitter button. Normally I never use this button to tweet from and I hadn't thought of using it with the @myen Twitter account. This Evernote powered account will save tweet information when you tweet at it.

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