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Taking Notes While Driving (Evernote)

This post is probably antiqued for most people with fancy new phones. For those that don't, read on.

This fall I'll be traveling to local schools and observing student teachers giving some of their first lessons. This means I'll be spending a fair bit of time in the car and the open road often makes me think of things that I need to do or want to remember. Fix a bit of downspout, email someone about a fall weekend, or use of the extra chicken in the basement freezer, varied things but all important. Evernote has a nice audio note feature, but when I'm trying to switch apps, find Evernote, and create an audio note I'm not watching the road. My work around for all this is to use a series of services; Google Voice, Gmail, and Evernote.

[caption id="attachment_2549" align="alignleft" width="300"] My Doppelganger[/caption]

On my phone I have Jack Jackson as a contact. This is my Google Voice number but I've assigned Jack Jackson as the contact name because it's an easy name for the voice commands to understand. I hold down my iPhone 4 home button and say "call Jack Jackson" and the phone dials my Google Voice number. Once I get connected and the call rings through to voicemail I leave the message. Then the automation takes over.

Within Google Voice, I any messages received forwarded to my Gmail account and within my Gmail account there is a filter that forwards the transcripted message to my Evernote account using my unique Evernote email address. I can't specify a notebook so the transcription and link to the audio goes in my Tasks (default) Notebook. I go through this notebook each day and from there I manually move and tag it.

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