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Dinner List (Evernote)

Last week I wrote about how I use Evernote to manage our family grocery list. That process works because we only buy what we need at the grocery store and when that food is gone we buy more of what we need, sometimes.

Other times, what happens is that we buy things on a whim and forget to eat them. The best sign for this is when our deep freezer and pantry are bursting but our refrigerator is empty.

This was the case the other day when I made up a list of things that we need to eat. There is no rule that these things need to be gone before going to the store, but by making the list it makes me aware of the food we have on hand.

I'll leave this note in my account and try to draw from it as I make our list of dinners in Google Calendar. Some of these things will construct an easy meal like lobster ravioli with frozen peas and maybe some mac and cheese. That's easy, but spinach puffs take more time and foresight.

This list helps me limit our food waste - like in May. Once something is made, I check the box and find something else to make.

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