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Bootstrapper (book quotes)

I picked up Mardi Jo Link's Bootstrapper from the public library, first because it has a cool cover and then began reading it because it has an even cooler subtitle; "From broke to badass on a northern Michigan farm." We've had our first few fall-like days, the leaves are coming off our trees, and this story seemed perfect for the moment.

Most of what I read is about successful people who are succeeding or will succeed. I read those stories because they inspire me to keep moving forward. This story is not that.

This story starts out with a person who is broke and broken, but might just fix her finances, family, and life. I'm only one hundred pages in but these are my favorite passages so far.

"Mom!" comes the sobbing holler from outside...The holler is followed by a boy running toward the house, one hand pressed to the side of his blond head, the other still gripping his stick sword and pumping back and forth as he runs toward me on tireless boy legs. Dirty face, no shirt. Yes, it is Will - so aptly named - and even though he is crying, he isn't sad at all, he is furious.

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