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Writing and Editing Summary

I finally finished editing the first draft, it took five hours in about eight different pieces. It was rough. I couldn’t believe how many times I misspelled a certain word or wrote ‘two’ instead of ‘too’. I’ve been adding words to my list of Google Docs ‘Always correct to’ faster than a ten-year-old going through a Christmas catalog.

The actual writing process in Google Docs has gone well. I’ve found that the service is much faster if I switch my wifi off and this brings the added bonus of not looking up words or ideas. I don’t get distracted via Twitter while writing - but do so immediately before and after - but will click through dozens of Wikipedia pages. Doc’s spell check seems to work a bit different offline but for editing and making changes I’ve left the wifi on.

Following Jamie Rubin’s advice I’ve been limiting my documents to about ten-thousand words each and the speed of accessing different parts is acceptable. I don’t have anything to compare this to so I can’t really say if this is above or below some average.

In commenting on my work I’ve found that bolding ideas works much better than inserting comments. These bold ideas stand out just as well and let me keep anything I that write. They also require a bit less managing, it’s easier to delete or remove the formatting rather than approve or delete a comment. I’m also using the ??? string to indicate an area of writing I’m not sure about. After writing then I can search for ??? using CTRL-F and move through the document rather quickly.

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