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How to use Evernote: Back to School Details

If you don’t have children with whom you get to celebrate this time of year as back to school, you can always log onto Facebook and see all the back to pictures. If the kids are younger than ten there’s usually a smile on their face. Ten to seventeen or so, there are no smiles, but if you if there are any seniors in those pictures they will be smiling again. It’s nice to think that children at least begin and end their education smiling.

My kindergartener loves school. On the first Friday afternoon she told me that she wished she could come back on Saturday. “Me too dear” I said as we walked to our car. It’s her first week of school in a new building and we have new routines. Most of the time I’m responsible for her and these novel aspects will become commonplace but sometimes her mother or grandmother will be responsible. I decided to make them a note.

My note includes:

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