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How to use Evernote:Buying School Supplies

My daughters are just starting school, preschool and kindergarten, and we're just finding out about the mystery searches our district sends us on to find school supplies. We need pencils and papers and just the right kind of glue.

These searches take me to at least three stores, not because I can't find everything - sometimes the case - but because there is always something sold out. One store will have a huge cardboard display of twenty-five cent glue sticks but not have a single glue stick in stock. Having two daughters there is some overlap on what they each need (crayons) and some things they need which are different (plastic bags) and despite my best efforts to keep those back to school lists in my car, I often forgot them.

Now they're in Evernote. A single note, somewhat organized by similarity of item and I check things off as I go. It's been infinitely easier to keep track of not only the lists, but what I still needed to buy from them. Now if only Evernote would make an app that told me what "Fat pencils" are in.

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