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How to use Evernote: School Calendars

School is around the corner and my Evernote account is starting to fill up again. During the summer it seems like Evernote is more of a dumping ground for this or that small thing but now that school is around the corner along with holidays, a big trip for us, and a few more things I need to get organized.

I previously wrote about taking pictures of the school calendar, saying;

The thing is, I didn’t want to put it all into my Google Calendar item by item. I could do just the key events like the Valentines day party but then I’m sure I would miss something. Then it occurred to me, just take a picture

Since then Evernote has added the reminder feature which helps this note taking method even more. When I sign up for cupcakes I add a reminder to pop up a day or two before. Anyone else have more Evernote tips for school?

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