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What I'm reading (Detroit, Cosby, Gaiman)

Some books that I've recently paged through.

Detroit by LeDuff. Not since reading Unbroken have I been this blown away by things that actually happened and that the book I'm reading is not a work of fiction. In Detroit there is a fire station that uses a Rube Goldberg style contraption that connects an incoming fax with directions to a fire with a paperclip and wire circuit to make the station's alarm sound. The stories are unbelievable but that's what it's mostly been, a different version in each chapter of the same, sad story.

Fatherhood by Cosby. This book feels either especially dated - in style, not substance - but I enjoyed parts of it because I could visualize and hear Cosby's delivery. There were parts that I re-read with his cadence and tone in mind that were much funnier because of that.

Coraline by Gaiman. My least favorite work of Gaiman's so far. It may be I've read too much of his youth and monster stories lately (The Graveyard Book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane.)

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