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Painting the Garage

This weekend I had to paint the side of our garage. The siding has needed painting for almost nine months but between winter’s temperatures, spring’s showers, and summer’s vacationers it hasn’t gotten done. Finally, this past weekend I accumulated all of my supplies and got it painted on Sunday morning.

As I stood back to marvel at my masterpiece, I realized how bad it looked. If it were art the title would have been “Brush Stokes and Partial Coverage.” I knew this going in, that the garage would take more than one coat, that getting it right the first time would be extremely challenging and rather than get it perfect the first time I would come back to it.

As I painted I thought about the other things that need the metaphorical second coat. My writing for sure, but most things too. Almost everything I do is better the second time and even better the third and so on. I could put five coats of paint on the garage and the coverage would be near absolute. Hopefully it won’t take that many though, because while the garage only needs two or three, my writing needs many more.

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