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10,000 words (writing summary)

For arbitrary writing numbers, ten thousand sounds good. That translates to about thirty to forty pages of content, some of it is pretty good. I got more kind words from family on Facebook about what I was writing and I will keep going.

I’ve noticed that my tone changes based on who I’m reading at the time. When I read Klosterman, I wrote like him. I listened to Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat and then wrote like him. I’m listening to Detroit by LeDuff and the book’s grit is coming through in my writing. Like I’m going from Gaffigan’s tissue paper to LeDuff’s sand paper. My writing reflects that for better or worse although I think for this book I need to change that direction. Detroit is good but I don’t want that to show through in what I’m writing.

It reminds me that everything in life is this way. When we fight with our spouse, that shows up in our work. When we have a killer day at work, our kids get that benefit too. We are like the Hydrangea, a flower whose color changes based on the contents of the soil.

It also seems like the funny things about having kids are fairly ubiquitous and anyone that talks about them is rehashing a bit of the same ground. It’s to be expected - sports writers are much worse - but it also feels a touch phony to be copying things. Thankfully I have Neil Gaiman to remind me that my story is different because it’s told through my experiences.

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