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The Playground (book excerpt)

Parents love the playground because it’s free.

Children love the playground for other reasons. It’s magical place that combines all the things you might already have in your backyard, but there are now different colors and the twirly swirly slide goes around three times instead of two. The playground might have monkey bars too which kids love because they’re called monkey bars, and if you’re lucky there might be something else to hang and climb on. The closer it is to the ape exhibit at the zoo, the more kids will like it.

There are two things that will happen each time we visit the playground, the first is that we will immediately find our new best friend. It can be a girl or boy and they only need to be within a few years in age and have no common interests other than worshipping at the altar of the playground. If they are willing to chase and be chased, swing and push, climb and yell, then they are overly qualified to be our new BFF.

We’ve had play sessions at the playground that last hours with strangers and will leave the grounds in tears, because they just want to have a few more minutes to slide with their new found friend.

Parents enjoy these freshly founded friendships because then we don’t need to watch our kids.

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