Mike Dariano


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Throw Open the Closet Door (quote)

The Old English poets were said to have a "word hoard" from which they could choose the best language to shape their poems. How great it would be to throw open a closet door and find just the right word for just the right writing task.

Clark is one of my favorite writers on writing but this quote struck for for another reason, mainly what do we want to fill the closets of our life with? If the great poets were able to dedicate their lives to words and have access to any of them at any moment, what can we do?

Some ideas I have are love, trust, faith, friendship, food. Great lines from great stories and names of things that I can't suggest to other people fast enough. If I 'hoard' these things then I have them forever and when it's time to share the right word for the right task.

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