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Talk to Your Kids in the Car

Do you drive your kids places a lot? Yeah, me too. School, sports, and summer camp are all stops on my service route and during these travels I found out something amazing. You can talk to your kids.

They are like little hostages in the back seat, strapped in and confined to a two by two seat, waiting to answer your questions. Ask them.

Talk to your kids in the car on your short trips. The grocery store, garden center, and gymnasium are all fine destinations for you to fill the car with conversation during your journey. Ask them about their favorite things at school, why they like dolphins, and why they laugh at fart jokes.

Going to the dentist, doctor, and dermatologist are all good destinations for you talk about boyfriends, best friends, or pretend friends.

For a long time we listened to music in the car or if I was really feeling stressed talk radio so that I didn't have to interact with them. This was a poor choice because if we don't talk now then someday we won't talk at all. The car or anywhere else and I'll be begging to take a trip through time and talk again.

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