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Be the change you wish to see

This is a (very) rough draft of an essay for a book I’m currently writing. If you’d like to see my progress check the journal I’m keeping.

My dad always likened himself to a rock and given his bald head, great fitness for his age, and stubbornness I always thought this was about right. His rockness always seemed to be a challenge for me to get over. Adaptation and change were never parts of this core philosophy. Certainly he adapted and changed in life but the idea that deep down he was a rock has always been there and maybe it needs to be there in all of us.

Yesterday I watched the nightly news. The first stories were a plane crash, unrest in an overseas country, and a murder trial. I could give more details but I won't because you don't need any more, that's the news nearly every night. If it bleeds it leads.

The world is a wild place and I know that from sitting here and writing in my little country town. I've never been near an actual murder and never known anyone who has. I've lived a very safe and sheltered life that most people would die for that some, sadly, actually do.

Life is like a rough set of seas along a shoreline. The wind is whipping so much that birds don't venture there. Waves are crashing around, tossing driftwood and any other unlucky items around like little children playing the parachute game with small plastic balls. The earth and sea are showing their powers, tempting anything to try and pass and come out the same. The only constant are the rocks.

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