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How to use Evernote:Home Projects

That note says I need to paint the side of our garage. It should be yelling it.

A year ago we had a derecho that did a lot of damage to our area of Northwest Ohio but relatively little damage to us. Part of our damage was that a tree limb punched it's way through our garage siding and ripped through it like a knife going through a juicy summer steak. It took me a long time to get around to fixing it and even longer to paint it.

But now, through the power of Evernote I will finish this project. I really should have created this idea long ago. We have a continual list of home projects ranging from This needs fixed or we will be really uncomfortable to It sure would be nice if _____. I created a notebook called Home Projects and have begun compiling notes for these projects. Here's five reasons why I think this will work.

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