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The 8 iPhone apps I use most

When John Saddington began crippling his iPhone it got me thinking about how I really use my iPhone so I began pruning it. I removed apps, organized, and simplified. Now I've done it again and am down to the 8 best apps I have and what I use them for. The background is a reminder of how I should live my life. Each time I see my phone I take one of those ideas and try to do it for the next hour, no excuses. @Buster created the original list, check it out then make your own.

1. I use phone for calls. Of the 8 apps this probably gets the least use.

2. Mail. When I began pairing down my phone for the second time I began thinking about what I could consolidate. I removed GoodReads and Facebook and instead use their email services and mobile sites to update, view and continue conversations.

3. Calendar. I see my wife's work schedule, plan our meals here, see my work schedule.

4. Music. I removed the Downcast app because I was more bored with podcasts and more interested in audio books and music. If you enjoy podcasts check it out.

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