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What does a stay at home dad do all day?

People ask me all the time how it feels to be a stay at home dad. Great I tell them. Then I add some comment about seeing your kids grow up but having my hair turn grey/patience tested/ looking for a new job/ version of trouble. Mostly people smile and say things like that's great or good for you. Behind their eyes though, I think I see more. Thoughts like, that must be nice/ ESPN whenever I wanted/ I should do that too. When I first started this gig I thought those same things. I didn't really consider my kids from age 2-13, instead choosing to think how wonderful babies are and then how cool teenagers might be. This isn't exactly how it works.

My wife loves to ask what we did each day and the girls share and narrate with the excitement of someone who's just back from the moon. Even the most mundane (chores!) are presented like a badge of honor. Now I'll open the doors, peel back the curtain, and show what really happens to the man behind the curtain.

June 3rd, 2013

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