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How much money has the public library saved me?

Our public library is wonderful. Books and movies as far as the eye can see (not really true, but more books than I could read in my entire life). I've not purchased any books this year, using instead the public library and I wanted to get an idea about how much money I've saved myself.

To date I've saved $110.56 this year in borrowing books instead of buying them. I came up with that number after looking for the cheapest Amazon.com purchase option. I buy used copies of all books unless a Kindle version is within a few dollars. We've also saved $16.00 in movies, many for the kids. My guess is that the total savings of $126.56 is a bit low. I've also borrowed books that I didn't enjoy and never finished but only included books I've read in that total savings figure. In some of those cases I would have purchased those books on Amazon, not read them, and then tried to re-sell them there or donated them someplace.

This has made me feel good. If I had bought those books - 13 in all - I would own them but then what? Donate them? Resell them? Yes I would have done some of those things but others would sit on my shelves, lonely like a paperback version of the Velveteen Rabbit. Hoping some person would pick it up and enjoy the story again.

How to you get started then? It's easy for me to do, I know what non-fiction areas I can explore and what movies I want to watch but what about you, the public library neophyte?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiCilTzhXrA]

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