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Hummus pinwheels - meal right, feel right

Oh finger food, how we love thee. I'm a relatively slim guy despite my love of finger foods. Super Bowl and birthday parties I can eat my weight - but like all Epic Dads I show moderation in all areas.

Part of what makes it easy to eat like the giraffe at your local zoo is to eat lots of healthy things. Fruits and fruit smoothies are staples at our house - the green monster being the most popular - as are many vegetable combinations and straight up roasted ones.

Why not combine finger foods with healthy foods? Enter the hummus pinwheel.

Take a piece of flat-bread or tortilla, slather it up with some good old hummus* and then top with a selection of vegetables. I used cucumber and spinach because I wanted to eat all of this and including cucumber is the best way to keep the sharks - my kids and wife - from circling. But you could use any number of vegetables. Some ideas, all finely diced:

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