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Why I wash out zip top bags

Life is easier when you tell yourself stories about who you are. You're an artist, a lover, a hard worker. Your family comes first or you never quit things you start. All of these things are our stories and we get to make and mold them however we like.

Michael Hyatt talks about rewriting your stories to become a morning person. I've heard many people say well, I'm not a morning person but what does that mean? You need to sleep 7 or 8 hours each night, does it matter when? Probably not, but that's the story we tell ourselves.

These stories can be empowering or destructive depending on how you craft them in your mind and express them in your actions. One story Epic people internalize is that we use things until they are no longer usable - like zip top bags.

I grew up in a very frugal household. I never had paper lunch bags because they were more expensive than buying one hard plastic one for the school year. I never had store bought cookies and our pantry ebbed and flowed based on whatever was on sale and matched with coupons. I never had to want for anything either, we were fortunate and we washed out our zip top bags.

One day at school I threw away the bags. When I returned home there ensued a firm reminder from my mother that the bags I threw out could be used for a week or more. But mom - a common phrase growing up - I said, they had peanut butter and apple juices in them. She replied that we would just wash them out and then use them again. To her it didn't make any sense to get rid of the bags while they were still useful. Our story as a family was to use things until they were no longer useful.

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