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Your life (garden) takes work

Everything takes work. Learning a programming language, graduate school, your marriage. These things all take time and effort to do but the degree of each varies on the work you've already done. It's easy to go to graduate school and do the work if you just finished your undergraduate degree and you're accoustomed to staying up late, writing eight page papers and conducting research. All these things are harder if you haven't done them. The same is true for your marriage, if you keep doing good things then you'll have less to work on.

I was reminded of all this when I began working on our garden. The top photo is the unprepared dirt where things would probably grow but it's not likely that those plants would succeed in yielding a lot of produce. The bottom picture is after I turned the dirt over using a hoe. That dirt is much less clay like and any plants placed there will do much better.

The work was easy because this past winter and last year I made sure to care for that dirt. I turned it over in the winter and fall and added some organic compost. If these things hadn't been done then turning over this dirt would have been much more difficult.

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