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Enjoy the happy moments.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The polar bear exhibit at the Toledo Zoo.[/caption]

I didn't catch my daughters face until going through the photos later but her joy stood out beyond anything I was hoping to capture. I was hoping to get the polar bear framed in a really nice shot as she was repeatedly swimming by the window. After each burst of shots on my pared down iPhone I would preview the image and hope it would be better. I was looking for a great picture and I had one but didn't notice it.

What other things do we miss because we are moving too fast though life, focusing on Buzzfeed or Pinterest and not on the joys we already have? What can we do?

One thing to come back to is remembering that everything is new for kids. The first time seeing a polar bear, eating spahgetti, reading a book. These things are new and novel and neglected by parents because they are none of those things to us. They are just things but if we take away all these moments that we've already experienced and don't excite us what do we have left in our lives? We don't have much, we don't have anything.

Kids afford us the opportunity to have the new things again. We can live through their joy and discovery. When I look at the picture now I let me mind open. That's a 900 pound bear, swimming gracefully. It would otherwise devour us for dinner but is calm, and more canine than carnivore in its cage.

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