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How I really use my iPhone

John Saddington posted the other day that he was 'Crippling his iPhone' to include only the things he really felt he needed. Noting:

Typing on my mobile device is far too slow and I’m infinitely faster on my notebook computer. I might as well just wait until I get back and enjoy myself, wherever I am. In fact, I’d rather not know about any of the things waiting in my inbox until I have an adequate amount of time to not only read it but react and respond.

Me too. I can do everything faster on my laptop than any Kindle, iPhone, iPad, tablet or other device. Those other devices don't have the keyboard and shortcuts system in place to be very effective and efficient.

My subsequent thought was what do I use my phone for? I often checked Twitter and read Feedly. I used the navigation systems and timer when cooking. I did reply to some email but not much. What I discovered was, my most useful iPhone uses were those that were secondary operations.

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