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"When I die I want to come back as me"

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I've written about how difficult it is to 'live everyday like it's your last' but maybe we can think to live like this is the last ten years of your life. The idea of living so well you'd love to come back in life as yourself is somewhat separate from both these ideas.

Mark Cuban's quote, "when I die I want to come back as me" can seem hyperbolic, especially considering the many other things he says - but who would you want to be? An astronaut? Tim Ferris? Bill Clinton?

The Epic Dad in all of us can strive for this idea by choosing to make our lives better. We can choose to have a better body, mind, relationship, marriage, family dinners, vacations, work. We can choose to live better so that when we die, we want to come back as ourselves.

We can choose none or all of these things, we can choose what we want.

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