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Don't let social media steal your time.

This is a piece of time theft. I opened the email, clicked the link, logged into the site, clicked a few more times and two minutes was gone. Two minutes isn't very much time - less time than it takes to make coffee or watch a YouTube clip but these social media time bites add up like dessert bites when you're trying to lose weight.

I've found that the less time I spend on Twitter and Facebook, the better day I've had. Think about it, have you ever been so busy that you forget to check-in or update where you are and what you're doing? I have and it feels great.

Last weekend we went to a play, a bookstore, and out to dinner. We got home and I cleaned up, walked the dogs, and sat down to read a book. Before going to bed I opened up Twitter to see what I missed. Nothing. Crickets chirping. There were some good links but nothing urgent. Five minutes at night was enough to collect what I wanted, message friends back, and turn off my device.

Emotional eating is the consumption of food in response to feelings instead of hunger. We do the same thing with our smart phones. Joshua Fields Millburn calls this 'the twitch'. We reach for social media when we are bored. Be less bored.

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