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How to use Evernote: The powerful todo search

Today I'm sharing an Evernote tip I just uncovered.

It seems awfully simple that I didn't have this in my Evernote tool kit already but I didn't and the usefulness of it allows no explanation for that. It's the search operator todo:false.

What this search term does, is look for the little boxes you can create and finds all notes within a notebook that have boxes which remained unchecked. In the image to the right, I'm searching within my notebook for 27 Good Things - a site I edit where guests share good things to read, watch, and use - and looking for things I want to do that haven't been done yet. In this case, I'm going to create an Amazon list of books that past presidents have said they read and enjoyed based on those posts - here are Clinton, and Nixon for starters.

I have a few other things that need done in this notebook and searching through all the notes allows me to find things that I meant to do but got shuffled down because of the many notes I throw into Evernote every day. I also use the boxes in my daily planning and this search operator helps me manage what I did and didn't do on certain days and whether or not I need to go back and complete it.

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