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Habits, television, and 10 alternatives

We recently cancelled our DirecTv package. It wasn't just about saving money - which is nice - but more about saving time. In a Berenstain Bear book we have, mother bear talks about the TV habit. That of passively watching television because it's something to do. With our cancelled package I'm finding out, it's harder than even just that.

Before we went ahead and cancelled we did some research and found that most of the things we did watch were available on Hulu. While we could have quit TV altogether it's not something we view as evil or menacing. We can continue to watch Modern Family and Shark Tank but not an uninterrupted stream of people selling houses, making cupcakes, or sorting through storage lockers. The most surprising thing is that breaking the TV habit has been difficult. When the kids go to bed it is easy, it is customary to turn the TV on. We're still doing that somewhat and just finding something but much less so.

Instead of this, I'm brainstorming things I can do instead of mindlessly turning it on. The reason we rid ourselves of the TV package was to rid ourselves of the TV habit, without some alternative to do though that habit will remain.

I suspect that as the weather in Ohio turns for the better and our days fill more with time outside, this habit will become much easier to break.

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