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You do it wrong until you don't

Do you see those chocolate rice cakes with peanut butter spread over the top? The creamy nut butter fills the crevices and dips of the cake to provide each bite with a satisfying crunch and a smooth delight. They are delicious. My four year old made them.

I didn't know she could do this but she could. I thought that she might have trouble opening the peanut butter jar and then not being able to unwind the cakes. Then the peanut butter would probably be too tough for her to scoop out with a knife and spreading it around would be impossible. Then, for sure, she would slip off the stool she was on and knock a plate to the floor. If all went well there was no way she could safely navigate two plates from the counter to table without dropping one and having the dogs who were swirling around like sharks getting one.

But she did.

She was born almost five years ago and she couldn't do this.

She was one and she couldn't do this.

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