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Stop playing games

The gamification theme that currently exists, earning points and rewards in the digital world for actions taken in the physical one is something I've now stopped doing because it began causing a disconnect between the what and why. What I was doing and why I was doing it became things tangled mess that required my iPhone so I could update my status, stats, and settings. I was becoming all consumed by entering workouts into Fitocracy instead of being consumed by actually working out.

There is a building current of sharing thanks to mobile devices and in many ways this is good but in others it begins to distract from the engagement in activities. When you tweet a photo about a great time, were you really having that great of a time? I've found time and again, my best and most enjoyable days have very little social media updates in them. Gaming your life exists in the same barn of farmyard animals, becoming overly engaged in the gaming process distracts from the actual process.

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