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How to use Evernote: Hosting a Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is a week away and I still have some planning to do. In the past when I've hosted a party my notes got scribbled down on many different pieces of paper, stuffed in many different pants pockets, and I've given many different excuses for why something wasn't one way. No more. Now I'm using Evernote to plan the party and wanted to share how I was using it.The first thing I did was create a note for the party. One place I could tally and organize everything I needed to know. We invited guests through Facebook so I need to tally the guest count from there. I'm keeping track of adults and kids for a better idea of how much food and drink to have. Generally I plan for 1/3# of meat per person so right now I'm looking at 4 pounds of chicken wings and 50 chicken nuggets.

I'm also tracking what food I need to buy. Evernote makes it really handy to mark what items I have and what I still need.

I also wanted to have games and entertainment at the party. All of that still needs done. We also need to clean-up our entire house - go figure with two kids - and that'll be another post but the big ideas of rearranging furniture for maximum seating and hooking up a computer to an old TV to stream the game are the most important for this party.

If you want to use and customize the note you can check it out here.

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