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That's what it's like (quote)

I just finished Why I Left Goldman Sachs and this was my favorite part, from page 104.

We were all walking out of the Ultra-Lounge, past the blackjack tables, where the action was hot and loud. I watched with awe as a high roller in a bolo tie put down a pile of $500 chips on a single hand. "I wonder what it'd be like to bet that kind of money on one hand," I said casually. Bill-Jo looked at me with the intent focus of someone trying hard to marshal his faculties. He was two or three drinks ahead of me. "Come with me," he said. "I'll show you what it's like." We walked up to a table that had a vacant chair; he took a $500 chip out of his pocket, put it on the table, and the dealer dealt him in. Bill-Jo showed me his down card: a Jack of diamonds. The dealer dealt him a four of spades. "Hit me," Bill-Jo said. He drew a seven of clubs. The dealer pushed back Bill-Jo's $500 chip with another one sitting on top. Bill-Jo took both chips and put them into my hand. "That's what it's like," he said. "Enjoy the weekend."

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