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Why Dave Ramsey shuns the glass teat and I should too

In a good interview on Motley Fool Money, Dave Ramsey, talking about minding your money said,

The average millionaire can't tell you got thrown off the island but a bunch of broke people can.

This resonated with me because like some idiotic moth in search of a flame I actually watched part of the Survivor finale a few weeks ago. It was impressive storytelling that even though I hadn't followed the season I was still sucked in for a good thirty minutes and one challenge, rooting for one person to win over another. And unimpressive self-control

My first experience with the 'glass teat' was in Stephen King's On Writing where he writes "reading takes time and the glass teat takes too much of it."

You could substitute anything for reading in what King is saying. Exercise takes time, being prudent financially takes time, learning takes time, playing with my kids takes time and the glass teat takes too much of it.

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