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Ambition 2: Stop buying things

It's really easy to buy things and stuff. This fall my college sent out an email offering used computers from their labs at a really cheap price. I don't need a new computer but I still found myself thinking that at those prices it would be silly not to consider it. At those prices you know.

I've got a lot of things and even more stuff. My closet is full and my bookshelf is stacked and it's about time I put a serious hold on all the buying. This new me, new ambition has two purposes, the first is the financial one. I'm thirty years old and not as financially fit as I thought I would be but that's the lesser of the two purposes. It would be nice to have all the money I spent on things but adding up all my possession's costs wouldn't be more than a few thousand dollars. The bigger purpose is to appreciate the things I have.

In economics it's called diminishing marginal utility.The idea is that the first thing you have - hypothetically a car - means a lot to you. Your second car means less and your third less than that.

With upcoming resolutions it's easy to pick large, goals like working less but not answering how you'll make that happen. How am I going to do it?

That's the goal. Until 2014 I won't have any new clothes, books, or other miscellaneous items and be better for it both spiritually and financially.

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