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Ambition 1: Daily meditation

This post is part of my attempt to be better.

WAIT! This post is not going to be what you think it is. My attempt at daily meditation is inspired by what James Altucher once wrote about keeping the different parts of your existence in balance. Altucher writes about the balance of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional selves in the broadest terms. His suggestion was to to spend time each day expressing what things you were grateful for. Well, that's fine and dandy for him, with all his spare time, living his life. But I was really wrong and after realizing that I gave it a chance.

And it works. It really does work. I spend a few minutes - usually at night while in bed - reflecting on how fortunate my existence is. In terms of the world, I am a member of the one percent and if you are reading this you are too and that makes me damn lucky.

This week the first winter storm rolled through the great lakes region and while it was cold and the wind was bold it wasn't a debilitating storm like we sometimes get. I only had to spend a brief time outside but it made me think that 40 years ago things were a lot different. Houses didn't have insulation like they do now. Generators weren't there as a safety mechanism. Furnaces were a lot less efficient.

I also have a car that runs well, a safe school for my kids, a wife I love. I have a computer and internet access which brings an immeasurable amount of joy to my daily life.

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