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Old dogs and no tricks (thoughts on life)

Right now we are 'test driving' a new puppy. She's fluffy, tiny and adorable. She fits trough a doll house window. But the most astounding thing is how old she makes our other dog seem.

We've had 2 dogs for 2 days but three days ago I wouldn't have thought our older dog was old - not anymore. Compared to the puppy she moves really slow, she doesn't look around as much, her hair is more course and less fluffy. She's old.

This isn't unexpected, just unexpected now and it made me wonder about how else life passes without notice. My car is two years old but seems new. My kids have lived nearly seven years but I can still imagine not having them.

The beauty of our old dog is that her no longer fluffy puppy coat and more relaxed attitude are the results of a good life. Her limp means she's ran a lot. Her hair has felt a lot of seasons. The time may have gone quickly but it hasn't gone quietly. And that's where there's a lesson for me.

I look in the mirror and can convince myself I'm still 22. But I'm not and the delusion isn't that I'm not 22 but rather that 22 is better. If being younger is better then I've failed living the past 8 years.

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