Mike Dariano


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It's good to remember what carrots look like

When we buy food at the store it's all prepared in a way to look perfect but when it comes from your garden the appearance is anything but. Ironically, the garden harvest may be better than the store one.

I wonder what other ways we fall into this trap of growing to expect perfection - those carrots would certainly be passed over at the store. Is politics the same? Are we becoming conditioned to expect perfection from the candidates. They are both smart men who have achieved many great things but instead of seeing two good choices we see one good and one evil. To you one probably looks like those carrots and the other like the carrots in the store. But yours have been peeled and shined and made to look like what you've grown carrots to look like.

Both candidates will do a good job. Both are smart, polished, and natural leaders - or else they wouldn't be there. We're not choosing between one of my garden carrots and one of the cleaner store ones. We're choosing between two of best carrots we have. It's good to remember what carrots look like when we're picking them.

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