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Tragedy of the McCommons

Sometimes there are some real animal at the McDonalds indoor playground we visit.  Kids that seem like they’re caged up all week, fed roofies in the parking lot, and then let loose after gobbling down three chicken nuggets and a chocolate milkshake.  They’re always boys.  This is quite an over exaggeration and the fact that some kids go up in the playground and act like gorillas isn’t surprising but it’s that all kids don’t. 

As parents we have no real responsibility to that playground set.  It’s made out of a hard, sturdy plastic and has foam padding on support parts exposed to the kids but it can take a beating.  As parents we don’t need to clean it, repair it, maintain it, heat and cool the area.  For a few bucks of food and drink we can let our kids loose.  This makes me think that the world is still a very good place. 

We know that if our kids went and acted like drug fueled primates, then the playground would be less enjoyable for everyone though our primary goal of having the kids expend some energy would be complete.  The kids are told to act cordial to the other kids, not to scream at ear drum splitting levels, and not to be quite so hard on the playground set.  The playground is our commons and thankfully yet there is no philosophical tragedy.

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