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Why I wrote another book

I wrote another book. It's available for sale on Amazon.com in the Kindle format only. It's brisk 16 pages of how to make your life easier by simplifying and establishing a grocery shopping system. It's been up for a week and hasn't sold any copies. And I don't care.

It would be nice to be the next Stephenie Meyer and have a runaway best-seller but this book contains neither vampires or a compelling love story.

The reason I wrote it is because I think having it on Amazon.com is super cool. When I was sixteen I was first exposed to Amazon.com and it's my favorite internet site since. Even beyond Google. The stuff I can buy, find, and shop for is too incredible for words.

I've always gone to the library, found books I really enjoyed, and looked on the shelves around it to try and find my next favorite. I was sometimes successful but often not. Now though I have the best recommendation engine more than willing display hundreds of books I may enjoy.

I don't attend many sporting events anymore because the thrill of saying 'I was there' doesn't appeal to me. This may be its substitute. I was there at Amazon.com's beginning and I'm selling things there now - I am here and it is super cool.

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