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Kids online (parenting thoughts)

I used to be really hesitant about putting my kids online.  After our first daughter was born I wrote a blog about becoming a father to a very popular reception – among my family members.  I don’t remember writing anything profound but do remember that I had nicknamed my daughters ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Zoe’.  I did this because I was worried about some rogue hacker finding their photos and doing mischievous things with their identities like stealing their social security or opening rogue Visa accounts. 

Now, after four years of infinite learning opportunities with finite time I can say that my previous cautions were likely misplaced.  My kids are going to live online.  They are going to live online.  They will scoff at checking only two social networks, laugh at my connection speed, and wonder why my screen is so pixelated. 

Even though I see this as the outcome it doesn’t need accelerated.  It comes when it comes and any inauthentic process on my part may make things worse – I don’t need everything about them online but do need to recognize someday they will.

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