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I am Sean Connery

Or I wish.  Although I’m not sure what I’m wishing for.  This all started when I started getting grey hair.

I keep my hair really short and I have many explanations for this, it’s easier to maintain, it keeps me cool, and giving myself haircuts is inexpensive but that’s really all fluff and puff.  It’s short because that’s the genetic plan for my head, short receding hair.  I came to full understand this idea at one Thanksgiving long ago when I looked around the table to our immediate and extended families and realized, there was no hair on any man’s head. 

When I noticed that I began trimming grey hair my thought turned to Sean Connery, a fellow follicle fellow.  I hope to be like Sean Connery but I don’t know what this means.  I guess it might mean that I hope to have a nice tan, short grey hair, a lyrical accent, and wrinkles that convey knowledge.  Thinking this is entirely superficial because I know nothing about who Sean Connery might be. I know what he looks like and I can choose to like that part but overall I know nothing.

That’s an odd part about when we say we like or don’t like a person.  We really know very little about them. My wife and I were commenting on the Olympics that we liked certain commentators or didn’t like others and on one plane we were commenting on their general announcing acumen but on another we were saying we actually like or dislike a person – even knowing very little about them.  You’ll probably hear this a lot this year during the election period.  Generally, I don’t think people know very much about a candidate – politically or personally. 

It’s similar to the David Foster Wallace piece This is Water.  We go around making comments about who we may like or dislike, hate or love.  Or we get mad at someone because they said one thing.   Of all the words they will say in their entire lives we ruminate and stew and expand in our own minds that one little thing.  That one snippet. 

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