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It’s not easy to be a hypocrite (thoughts)

There is one group of people I’ve always found humorous – the cheap gas seekers.  The ones with smartphone apps and car radios tuned to discover who is selling gas for less.  People willing to save a quick ten cents a gallon when they only need to fill up ten gallons.  I’ve always wondered, don’t they realize it’s just one dollar they save.  Even at a savings of forty or fifty cents and if you have a fifteen gallon glut in your tank the savings go up to seven dollars on a gas bill that might be nearly one-hundred dollars.  Not insignificant but to travel twenty minutes out of your way? To me, these people just didn’t get it. Until I got it.

While at our Wal-Mart store I was ‘price matching’ a competitor's printed advertisement.  I saved $0.45 on a bag of grapes.  Not even two quarters, and then it hit me. I’m a hypocrite.  An ignorant one too.  It took me so long to figure this out that it feels dirty confessing it, like I’ve been stealing from a children’s charity.  But I am.

It’s easy to be an actual hypocrite but it’s not easy to live as one. Now that I know the errors of my ways it makes me wonder what other areas am I this intolerable ignoramus?  Where else have I decidedly put my foot in my mouth?  My guess is more than sometimes and less than all the time.  Luckily I don’t think I’m alone.

I think we all are hypocrites in some way.  The recent fast food chicken fiasco has brought that to light in some regard. Supporters of traditional values supporting a restaurant that mirrors those values but relatively few of those supporters living those values. My favorite comment from my Facebook timeline was someone questioning how many of the customers – with chicken sandwich in hand – would have been willing to give that to someone less fortunate.  Not that they have to, but that’s sort of what it’s all about.

My takeaway is this, to stop worrying about being a hypocrite and to stop worrying when others are too.  This political season you are sure to see an advertisement that has a voice-over along the lines of “so and so was this before he was that”.  Ignore it, because guess what, you were too.  When you were younger, or single, or having a bad day you did the same thing and will probably do it again. 

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