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If you think like a mouse, you will kill yourself (thoughts)

We have mice in our house. We have fewer mice than yesterday – two to be exact but we still have them in our home. At first I was hopeful that they would simply flee if they saw us, don’t they know we are large carnivores and we eat small little animals. So I had to take action. I ‘snapped to it’ and loaded up on traps like the one to the right. The traps, neatly enough don’t require a user to bait them. The bait exists in the form of that plastic, yellow, cheese impersonator near the top. I laughed when seeing this, thinking that I would almost certainly need to bait the traps and hoping that wouldn’t cause a buffet line of rodents to come in from the woods.

But it worked. Each evening the traps are set and each morning they contain a dead mouse. They are so stupid to think that the face cheese might be real cheese and are risking their lives to get it. Thankfully, we, as more evolved intelligent creatures don’t make the same mistake. Except when we do.

Consider what you have pursued lately that you thought might be your proverbial cheese only to have a trap snapped on you. Luckily the analogy ends where didn’t lose your life but we can lose other things in the process. Friends, money, time, trust, relationships. All these things from not understanding what we really want out of life.

The mouse wants food. We want many things. Many material things, many relationship things. It’s only a handful of these things though that we really find rewarding. The next time you approach your cheese, whether it’s a person, boat, car, boss, computer – whatever it is you want. Think about what might happen after you get it and make sure it’s ultimately what you want.

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