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Quidam (Experience)

I've always enjoyed new experiences and after seeing Quidam by Cirque du soleil last night I can't believe I waited so long to do so, it was incredible. I went with my wife to the Toledo Ohio show and was really blown away. It was more like live art than circus.

The show opened with a narrative construction about a girl who wants to dream and play and at first I thought that had they done something more akin to Alice in Wonderland I may have enjoyed it more but the loose narrative allowed for all kinds of different things and that worked out to the show's advantage.

There were people twisting from hanging ropes, hanging fabrics, and hanging hoops. There were gymnasts who were exponentially more stunning than anything the Olympics will show this year. During the show I thought "I wish this is what the Olympics gymnastics were, a team event of flips, launches, catches, tosses, turns, and 'acrobattery' ".

There were balancing acts where neither these words or the picture below do justice describing. The means of getting in that position were as delightful as the end itself .

There was a silent comedian who was very funny in the spirit of the show.

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