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How to be the most annoying playground parent or why you shouldn’t buy a digital SLR. (parenting)

I’ve done it. I’ve had friends do it.  I’ve had friends ask for my advice, receive my wrong advice and do it. We’ve all done, buy a brand new digital SLR camera when our kids are born. 

This is understandable.  You have a new child and you want to be able to capture every glorious moment at four photos a second and keep those photos for all eternity, on your hard drive, without every looking at them. 

Imagine if instead of pictures it was shoes.  Organizing three pairs of shoes and knowing when to wear them is simple. Organizing three dozen is more complicated, requires more space, and means you’re less likely to wear a pair.  Don’t be overwhelmed by pictures, there will be enough overwhelming things. 

What you need instead of a new camera is an iPhone.  I’ve long been an advocate for the iPhone as a baby shower gift and it’s a great substitute for a new camera too.  The iPhone is always with you, it shares pictures much easier, its quality is good-enough and you’re less likely to do “the slide shoot”.

I’ve seen the slide shoot half a dozen times and it always drives me nuts.  What it is, a parent with their new shiny camera wants to take an action picture of their child sliding down the slide, so they crouch near the end like a nervous gynecologist and click away.  Then they carefully review their frames - like buying this camera has made them Annie Leibovitz - only to find out that the light difference between the inside and outside of the slide are extreme, their focus point is way off, and their shutter speed is too slow.  So, they send their child up to slide again.  And again.  And on it goes for fifteen or thirty minutes. 

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