Mike Dariano


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What plants know (opinion)

It's easy to be reflective among plants. They're quiet and still, something our minds are often not, but when we are still and quiet we think on the macro level a lot better.

I was watering our early cilantro plants and noticed how they really reach toward the sunlight entering our southern windows. They're straining for light. The plants are using all the light and nutrients they have accessible to them to grow and grow towards the sun, it's all they 'know' to do. Not like us. As humans we know a lot more but sometimes it doesn't seem like we do. Do we use the resources available to us to work towards our goals? Do we do it daily, even regularly?

The plants are lucky in this respect, they don't have kids or jobs to worry about, they just grow. I wonder though, if we look at plants once and awhile will it remind us to do a bit more growing?

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