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The one thing - married - people should do on Valentine's day (opinion)

I fall into the camp of liking only a few holidays. July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas. That's my list. It's hard not to get slightly absorbed in each holiday as they happen and every year I try to spend a few dollars on my wife that show her I care. A few measily dollar. It's very fortunate for gift givers than the act and thought of giving matter so much more than the thought or input of the gift. It's like a teenager getting their first car - it's a car and the make, model and lack of a passenger side door don't matter too much.

There is one thing I try to remember - most days, but especially on Valentines day - that I'm not the easiest person to live with. I don't realize that my wife may not enjoy the microwave alarm each morning as my coffee water is hot or that my grocery choices aren't the same as hers. I don't understand that it's not obvious to watch football all day or that my driving route may not be the best. If my wife made the list it might be much much longer or only slightly but either way, she lives with me, loves me and if that's the only Valentine gift we give each other today, that's alright by me.

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