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Loki at Three (Thoughts)

There are two times that waking up bothers me. The first is about twenty minutes before your alarm is scheduled to go off for the first time. You're probably lying there like I am, possible with one eye open and think I could get up now and avoid the morning rush that is our kitchen but most likely you roll over, close that lone open, and convince yourself that twenty extra minutes would really help and that you're sure you read somethinga bout those minutes improving your mood or skin, possible both.

The other time is 3:30 - 4:00 AM. It's this thirty minutes where I wake up refreshed and ready until I discover the time and wonder, why am I up? I lay in bed, roll over, stare at the ceiling, check my iPhone, roll over the other way and eventually get up. Waking up in this early morning window never fails to get me out of bed but every time I wake up in it I try to convince myself to fall back asleep.

Why do we resist change when the empirical evidence is so clear? Do we ask the same question of others and do listen to their answers or answer for them?

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