Mike Dariano


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Buy Buy Buy, Wrapping Paper

This morning our Walmart store was packed with people looking for half-off Christmas deals. Each isles had three carts, six people and one lost husband. This nest of activity made me wonder if these people were thinking economically - really thinking.

Our house cost about $85 per square foot and that's probably pretty close to the average. If we wanted to add on then, we should try to get more than $85 of use of each additional square foot over our time in this home. Stocking up on wrapping paper seems like a really good way to do it. Today's shoppers should fill every spare nook, closet, and attic with the wrapping paper they have discrecinary income for and the the need of later. I could have stocked up for Christmas 2012-2022 and my $85 square foot closet corner might pay for itself.

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