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What we teach by what we choose

Consider this, I own a gas-tank filling service. Twice a week while your car is parked in the lot at work I come by with a small tanker full of gasoline, find your car, top off the fuel tank and charge you whatever the going rate is at the corner station. I can do this because being unattached to any major refineries I can pick the cheapest gas and not tied to regional disturbances. You don't spend a lot of money on my service but do get monthly bills and confirmation text messages sent to your phone after each fill-up letting you know the gallons pumped and cost.

One week I send another note saying that you are invited to a Saturday morning social. There will be a small musical offering - your imaginative choice - and refreshments provided. You view it as a kind gesture and considering the morning is free on your calendar, you attend.

It's a nice gathering of people, maybe not enough chairs but no one seems especially uncomfortable. The music is what you expected, not extraordinary or underwhelming. When it comes time for refreshments I bring out saltine crackers, American cheese slices, and root beer.

And you Love it!

Well, hypothetically when I write it you do - but really you don't. Cheap crackers, cheese and root beer probably wouldn't crack your top 100 food combinations and had I run this service most people probably would have left hungry, choosing instead to pay for something they would enjoy rather than something free but distasteful.

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